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Let’s talk about coconut water, a very healthy and helpful hydrating drink, especially for athletes and runners. Do you drink it? Recently I tested some Detach coconut water and this is my BibRave review. But first a brief disclaimer: I received 6 bottles of Detach coconut water to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

To give you some background, I’ve been drinking coconut water for more than 3 years. I remember using it in my first 50k (I had a bottle of coconut water in my drop bag for that race and it was the first thing I grabbed at the 21 mile mark in that race.) I’ve raced with it and I’ve trained with it. It’s easy to drink and digest, more friendly than many drinks that are available for exercise. Some of us have more sensitive stomachs when we run/race so we have to be a little more cautious.

My first test of the Detach coconut water was after running the Empyrean Trail 10k race. Although my OrangeMud 20 ounce bottle was plenty of water for the race, I didn’t have any left after that. I was a little dehydrated. So I drained the first Detach. I noticed a lemon-lime flavor (gentle not strong) and a coconut tropical flavor too. However, I forgot to capture the moment with a photo, drinking the first bottle a little faster than I realized. It was cool and refreshing and I felt better after drinking it. Racing a challenging hilly trail race can be a little rough on the body so it’s good to be more kind with hydration afterwards to replenish our electrolytes. I wanted to race with the Detach but didn’t test it in training and that’s a rule that I follow with hydration/nutrition: test it before if you’re going to race with it.

Mostly I drank Detach by itself although today I did mix it with tap water in my OrangeMud bottle. So today’s test was a 3 part coconut water (12 ounces of Detach) to 2 parts water (8 ounces). This was a very helpful ratio and I noticed that today’s run seemed easier than usual. Unfortunately, I found I was quickly down to the 4 ounce line early in the run so we savored the last 4 ounces. Usually, I only run with water (or coconut water) for the most part. But I was able to keep my heart rate in zones 1-3 with easy effort, even while having Misty our dog on the leash. (Detach does fit easily in the OrangeMud front pocket of a single hydraquiver if you want to carry it in the bottle. Otherwise, just pour it into your Orangemud bottle because the bottle is too narrow to fit/carry in the back of your OrangeMud vest securely without pouring into the OrangeMud bottle that is designed to fit there.)

Another day I tested Detach in my Nathan vest shown below, packed in a pocket (the back pocket). Detach fits within the front and back pockets of the Nathan vest. I’m realizing now I could also pour it into my Hydrapak portable drink carrier that I use with the Nathan vest. The only difficulty I had when trying to drink it out of the bottle with the dog on the leash was just the inconvenience of taking the cap off and putting it back on without spilling (Misty likes to pull on the leash a lot to say: Let’s Go!). So it’s portable and versatile. But if you run with your dog, better to just pour it into a bottle/squeeze bottle of your choice. It would be wiser for me to just pour it into the Hydrapak. I didn’t think of doing that until I saw other BibRavePros pouring Detach into their portable drink bottles we carry.

I tested Detach before runs and that seemed to help me feel energized and stronger during runs. It’s a healthy nutritious drink, low calorie (60 per serving). I would recommend you drink it a little slower than water but I didn’t have any trouble with digesting it or sensitivity to it. It was great fuel for running, exercise, and rebounding from exercise.

Detach contains honey and sea salt and I was happy to see these healthy ingredients added. There is a protein blend including beta-alanine, citrulline, and theanine.

Would I recommend Detach? Yes, I would recommend it without reservation. It’s slightly more calories than pure coconut water. If you like lemon-lime flavor and are a coconut (water) fan, you will love this. Even if you haven’t tried coconut water before, I highly recommend it. It’s one of the healthiest drinks around and it’s one of the best hydrators, right up there with water. I didn’t have any bad workouts that Detach was connected to and that tells me something. When I drank it after workouts, I found that I recovered faster. And I felt more energy when I ran with it (drinking it either before or during the run or both).

Want to learn how to find detach? Visit this website to learn more: Others tell me that it’s available on Amazon as well if you shop at Amazon.

It’s a little aromatic, enough to be able to smell the coconut. Misty our dog was wanting to sniff and try the Detach during today’s run. (I held the bottle to her nose to see if she could smell it.)

Detach coconut water is a light, energizing drink: an excellent way to diversify your healthy nutritious drinks that you consume when you exercise, workout, and run. It gives just the right boost to help those workouts become just a little easier. And after workouts, it’s a wonderful tropical selection to replenish and recover.

Try Detach, you’ll love it! Thanks to Detach and BibRave for allowing me to test this wonderful drink. It’s amazing. You’ll enjoy it! It’s delightful!