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Every once in a while, we need to replace quintessential things that fulfill a useful, helpful purpose, even if they last a very long time. It can even feel wrong to replace them if they have worked well and helped to keep us safe. Today is one of those days. As the snow flies, today I realize…my Brilliant Reflective safety strips are starting to peel off of clothes and our dog leash. Some of these strips have stayed on for almost a year. 10 months I think on the black UnderArmour jacket and Asics running pants. Can you see the peeling tape on the black jacket above? When it won’t stay on any longer, we have to replace these. With the weather taking an early wintry twist, it’s time to replace some of these. We have the option of stick-on or iron-on. For time’s sake on a busy Halloween day, let’s stick with the stick-ons today. Unless we run out of them. Then we may have to iron a little. (Oops I forgot to pause my Garmin. Halloween splits. Just noticed;)

Before I proceed further, some of you is ready to correct my spelling of Replacemints aren’t you? And I understand. I’m a grammar and spelling stickler for detail and correctness. No, I spelled it correctly here. I have my reasons. We’ll get to that. It sounds like Replacements but there’s a little bit different twist to it. For the best, we want things that are in mint, top-quality condition. We don’t want to settle for less. Ever. To replace the top-of-the-line safety equipment, it must be replaced with the best of the best, bar none. Not some makeshift solution. I love to experiment but not when it comes to safety.

The best that I have found to keep us safe on the roads and trails is Brilliant Reflective. Yes, I’m a happy-go-lucky ambassador for this fine company. And you can order Brilliant Reflective using my special code: RAM25 to save yourself some of your own personal banking mint. Here’s the Brilliant website:

What is Brilliant Reflective? It’s made with 3M Scotchlite Reflective material to apply to equipment and garments worn outside. It allows it to blend with gear during the day and to be visible at night (or predawn) and in low-visibility times. Like foggy days. Or rainy or snowy ones.

What are the benefits of wearing reflective material? Safety primarily. Peace of mind. Makes you visible instead of invisible. Not only to pedestrians but also to other drivers who may be driving vehicles that may cross or come near your path, trail, or road. Keeps cyclists visible too. And it can be attached to leashes and collars to keep pets safe too. (Make sure you check the pet leash to replace strips when they come loose: humidity and many months of use can cause them to gently begin to peel without adhering easily in reapplication.) Yes, I know we all want to be invisible on Halloween with the Invisible Man but that’s not safe. I love to wear almost all-black sometimes but that’s not safe either without proper reflective points of safety lights.

Let’s see if we can enhance the safety of our dog leash (purple strips peeling off and one failed a safety camera flash test) and my UnderArmour jacket (2/4 safety strips peeling off, 2 still intact). Here’s before, after, and which strips we replaced these finely minted utilities.

Now let’s replace the two loose strips on my UnderArmour black jacket (different color than the gray one above), the pesky one that I can’t unzip anymore but it’s very useful because of the pockets. Yes, the zipper is really stuck all the way up. Can’t get it unstuck. Very useful for cold wintry days like today though.

Hope you have enjoyed this excursion into Replacemints today. I feel better knowing that my running clothes and our dog leash have safety strips that stick and that we can be seen easier. By the way, the strips that peeled off halfway were actually quite difficult to remove. (Strong adhesive;) Do what you can to make your clothes and gear reflect so you can be seen at all times, especially on a day like today: Halloween. And while we’re at it, maybe we can replace some of our unhealthy food choices with more healthy ones. (More about this in our next blogpost today.) Replace the sugary mints with mint-condition whole foods that serve as optimal fuel for maximum athletic performance and the highest level of health we can achieve. Garbage in, garbage out. Let’s make some healthy and safe replacemints, shall we? Happy safe Halloween!