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Wherever we go, we should always grow and go with a glow. Growth is not always easy, it is not a straight path. There are hills and obstacles that will try to interfere, even doubts and fears. But if we are persistent and consistent, we can succeed. Likewise, whenever we go somewhere we bring that special glow of light with us that represents our unique and special gifts that only we can bring to the world. Today I hope to instill a deeper consciousness of growth and taking steps to be safe when we run and exercise (as well as travel as we are nearing the Labor Day weekend in the United States).

Growth takes daily effort and it yields daily results if we persevere and stick with it. We can grow in different ways: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and in whatever our daily work is.
In order to grow, we have to dig deep and find out what our strengths and weaknesses are. We emphasize the strengths and work on the weaknesses. And maybe we emphasize only one of these areas of our life at a time where we are struggling the most. This increases our focus and can lead to breakthroughs we might not otherwise reach or attain. For some the struggle may be discipline. For others it might be an inability to focus due to distraction/multi-tasking. Maybe for others it is gaining momentum but then losing ground, making us more likely to give up. Never give up! Building meaningful positive change takes time. Being healthy is a lifestyle that can help us with all these areas of life, inspiring others to make positive changes, too. We can grow daily and there’s no point in living small. Let’s face it, dozens of people (at least) need help from almost all of us who might read this. The more we grow, the more people we can serve and help: like people struggling from Hurricane Harvey for example, the heartbreaking storm that has affected Texas and now Louisiana. We need to dream big and stretch into the best possible version of ourselves.

Whenever we venture out to run, bike, or workout, even to walk, we should make sure we have taken safety precautions. We want to always be seen so as to not be at risk of danger or injury. If we develop a deeper consciousness of safety and security, we will be able to better protect ourselves and our families from injuries. If we take more precautions, our safety/security is at a heightened level and our risk of injury is lessened.

In order to be safer on the run, I have been affixing Brilliant Reflective safety strips to my running and workout clothes, jackets, vests, and even our dog leash. What is the end result of this? I can go with a glow of reflective clothing and gear and have better peace of mind that I am protected from injuries (as long as I am careful, exercising all due caution.)

It’s important to make sure that our clothing and gear has several points of lighting at different angles and different sides so we can be seen all the way around. Remember if we are running/walking, we may be turning a lot. Even on a bike, there may be frequent turns. So remember to affix some reflective material to your sides as well. Not just the front and back.

How well does Brilliant Reflective seem in brilliant sunlight? Let’s see. One moment please.

As you can see, even in brilliant sunlight and the shade, Brilliant reflects very well. Brilliant is made with 3M Scotchlite reflective material to apply to equipment, gear, and garments worn outside. The visibility after dark is quite impressive too. And in foggy weather or inclement conditions.

Some running shoes are better at reflectivity than others. I will be placing some reflective strips on my running shoes later this week that lack reflectivity.

And don’t forget socks. Some socks are bright/brilliant neon colors. That helps regardless of the length of the sock (longer is better but either way, wearing bright socks is smarter, especially in inclement weather or dark conditions). Pretty sunny here today so short smartwool socks were okay.

Is this the end? No that was a faux footer.

It’s very important with everyone traveling over Labor Day weekend to make sure you are careful on the road traveling, watch out for pedestrians. We want to prevent and reduce as many auto-based injuries to runners/walkers, cyclists, and children as much as possible. That is the mission of the Brilliant Reflective Company. We may be running, walking, or cycling in unfamiliar cities or locales, so make sure you exercise extra caution, there may be more cars on the road than usual this coming week. We want you to return safely if you travel.

Want to know how you can obtain Brilliant Reflective to try it out? Visit and use my special BR ambassador code RAM25 to obtain 25% off a future order.

Just so you know, Brilliant can be obtained as a stick-on or iron-on and it lasts for a very long time. I’ve also used the tape to patch some pockets that holes in them to lengthen the life of running garments that I was about to part with.

If you run before dawn or after dusk, please make sure you are wearing bright reflective clothing and gear of some sort. And bring a charged headlamp. Also, make sure your vests/belts have reflectivity too.

How many points of light do you need to be safe? Remember George Bush’s Thousand Points of Light? Not quite that many. No probably not even a hundred. Maybe at least a dozen, especially if you run with a dog. I counted 16 pieces of Brilliant Reflective tape that we wore for today’s run counting 6 on my singlet, 3 on my OrangeMud vest, and 7 on the dog leash (4 on one side, 3 on the other).

Soon I will be adding more tape to a few more garments and shoes as I mentioned earlier so watch for that in a future blogpost.

Take steps to grow every day. And wherever and whenever you go, go with the special glow that is you. I believe in you! Let your light be seen by the world, both your inner light with your unique special gifts, and your reflective gear/equipment to make sure you are safe, giving your friends, family and yourself peace of mind. Let’s run, walk, and bike safely!

Every day ask yourself did I grow today? If so, how? How can I grow more tomorrow? And did I glow today? Did I share my gifts with the world in a meaningful way and if so how?

These are very good short mantras/affirmations: Grow and glow. Glow and grow. Grow. Glow.

Grow and glow when you go. Grow and go with a glow!