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Can you see me now? Brilliant Reflective safety strips are the topic of today’s blogpost review. But first a brief disclaimer: I received 16 safety strips by Brilliant Reflective (8 removable, 8 permanent iron-on strips) as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Brilliant Reflective Safety strips are an amazing innovation in running safety technology. So often we seek to buy running gear that has reflective features, but sometimes we cannot find something that reflects quite enough for running in the dark and/or in inclement weather conditions where visibility could be quite limited. So having safety tape that can be moved to a different location or garment is very helpful. Also, the width of the strips lends itself to testing it on dog leashes so we did that as well. We have a special discount code that can you some money on this special product: Use code “BIBRAVE25” to save 25% on a full order. Hurry because this is a ONE time deal that expires Tuesday, Jan. 10 at 11:59pm. And this is the Brilliant Reflective website to read more about it and place orders:

  • The length of the daily testing for Brilliant Reflective was from December 16, 2016 through January 8, 2017 inclusive.

    Can we agree that we as runners do not always take all necessary precautions when it comes to safety? We find it inconvenient or time-consuming sometimes but safety must be a fundamentally necessary part of running and that applies to people and to pets. There is a convenient solution to increase the visibility part of staying safe, so you can see me and we can see you, and that is: Brilliant Reflective. It’s wonderful to have an option like this to be able to apply safety strips and not have to go out and buy an entirely new running wardrobe with reflective gear. The versatility and flexibility of the product allows us to place it where it works for us as runners/athletes. And even our pets can be more visible with Brilliant Reflective on the dog leash (maybe even the collar).

    First, I tested the Brilliant Reflective stick-on removable strips on various garments on the dog leash. Amazingly, the adhesion to the dog leash seemed to be the strongest. I did have one removable strip that peeled off my UnderArmour running hat repeatedly. I couldn’t get that one to stay on for good. Then again, that was a temporary strip. Later I ironed a permanent one to that running hat.

    The removable strips were tested on 2 different UnderArmour running jacket, Asics running pants, 3 strips were applied to the dog leash (two on one side, one on the other), and one on the running hat that I told you about. The one on the running hat basically just kept peeling off at the edges. I think this was due to the combination of sweat/humidity/precipitation. When I run with Misty, our dog, she pulls on that dog leash a lot so the leash gets twisted occasionally. Despite that fact, the adherence to the dog leash was impressive. Also, there were at least 3 occasions where the reflection from that dog leash helped me: 1) once while running during testing, Misty slipped out of her collar and leash while we were running but I was able to use the reflective leash to get her attention and get her to freeze so I could get her collar and leash back on; 2) another time I was running along and a loose dog started chasing me: however when that dog got close, he saw the Brilliant Reflective strip on the back of my OrangeMud vest and it sent him away; and 3) finally, there was one run where a driver didn’t appear to see us when we were about to cross the street together but it appeared that the reflective dog leash (and the safety strips i was wearing) got the driver’s attention and he did stop.

    The permanent iron-on strips were blue in collar. The iron-on process takes about a minute per strip. Most of them stayed on pretty well. Occasionally, I have to “touch up” the ironing after washing running clothes to get the corners/edges to stay on. The permanent strip on the running hat has perhaps adhered the best of the 8 permanent strips that I tested. A little ironic after the temporary strip was the one that adhered the least in the same location (different width strip though).

    The safety strips of each variety come in three different widths: wide, medium, and thin. The removable ones are easy to apply and adhere pretty well except for perhaps on rounded running gear like the round pullover UnderArmour hat that I have.

    The iron-on process just requires some paper towels: you iron gently over the paper towel back and forth. After the garments cool, there is some protective plastic on top of each strip that you can either peel off or just let it fall off.

    I tested the strips in day and night-time conditions, in snow, rain, fog, limited visibility, and during the Last Run race that I ran on Dec. 31. Also tested it during the First Run race of 2017 on Jan. 1. I love how the Brilliant Reflective fancy reflectivity turned my dark running jackets into a running tuxedo of sorts. Look at the top polaroid above. That’s the best example.

    When we first snapped the photos of the reflective strips in the dark with a flash camera, we were amazed at the reflectivity from even 10-15 feet away. Even with no other light other than the flash of the camera.

    Also, before I forget to mention it, the adherence to the OrangeMud vest was outstanding! And that is a key location: the runner’s back. Unfortunately when accidents happen, runner-athletes are frequently struck from behind. Having that bright black stick-on removable safety strip there gives me added confidence and peace of mind that I can run safe and without unnecessary worries like: can you see me?

    Likewise with pets, can you see my pet? The problem with reflective dog collars is that the reflective strips peel off or the dog chews them off so they don’t work as well. With added reflectivity on both sides of the dog leash at approximately drivers/pedestrians line of view, we can run and walk with more confidence now and know that we are seen. That incident described above with the driver seeing us is an excellent anecdotal example.

    The removable strips contain 30 square inches of high brightness color reflective. The black removable that I tested really looks more gray than black. Also, we are told to try to outline the body (think of the biomotion, the way the human body moves when we run/walk) when we tape the tape on so think about the lines of vision that viewers have and how to maximize that for optimum visibility. Even runner’s knees can be taped on running pants and I placed 2 strips there. The tape is made from 3M Scotchlight Reflective material, and it reflects well in sunlight, in lowlight, in red light (tested with my Petzl headlamp), and in low and bright headlamp light. Also it reflects car headlights well. I notice this especially when I am running with or walking with Misty, our dog, and see the bright reflective strips brilliantly illuminating the line of the dog leash on both sides.

    Don’t forget: it’s important when washing your running garments to turn them inside out so the tape is on the inside of the garment. That way, it the tape does not peel or fall off in the washer.

    The photo above is a Polaroid from right after the Last Run 2016 on Dec. 31. I am wearing a black UnderArmour jacket with the permanent (blue) and removable (black looks grayish) strips on the front. I like to workout in black a lot: not only is it a funeral for my fat mentality, it’s also just a color I like to wear.

    One reason I was really excited to test this was to see what it would do not only on running jackets, but importantly on running pants. Our legs are almost always in motion while running/walking. So I tested the permanent and removable strips on the Asics running pants too. In fact, I was able to patch over a hole in my pocket with the permanent safety strips. So no more keys falling out of my pocket either.

    The adherence to the pants was good. A few times I had to touch up the ironing on the permanent strips. Not after every wash though. Just once in a while I would see a corner peel ever so slightly.

    Also, I did have to touch up the ironing on the running jackets a little bit. More than anything, the washing process seemed to loosen the safety strips more than running in gear with them attached. Obviously, we don’t want safety features peeling off during a run. But that didn’t really happen.

    Is it a worthwhile investment to purchase these? Absolutely! Safety first! And although the safety strips don’t make us completely safe in and of themselves, they do make us safer than without them. Of course, we still have to exercise caution and avoid all other hazards as usual.

    You can see many more pictures of the Brilliant Reflective strips on my Instagram page:

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    Both the brilliant blue and black strips reflect at 200X normal brightness. This was obvious on New Year’s Eve when a friend tried to take my photo with the flash and it brightness surprised her significantly. I forgot to warn her Brilliant Reflective will illuminate and dominate any photo with a camera flash.

    More importantly, the Brilliant Reflective safety strips give us another valuable safety tool to place in our toolbox to use for days of low visibility or for running at night or in darkness. Changing the settings of my Petzl headlamp didn’t appear to affect the reflectivity, it just looks slightly brighter in white light than in red light. But it reflected well with all 4 headlamp settings (blinking lights is the other setting on my Petzl).

    With the temporary strips, the only location that really didn’t work was just the UnderArmour hat. The temporary strip curled/peeled off at both ends, one at a time, on that temporary strip. The permanent strip stuck there fine though. Same location, just a wider permanent strip adhered better. The narrow removable one was the one that didn’t adhere as well.

    The permanent strips all adhere and reflect well, just a little peeling and touch-up with the iron occasionally. Probably we can prevent some of the peeling just my hang drying clothes instead of throwing them in the dryer.

    Finally, my recommendation is that you strongly consider trying these reflective strips with impressive reflectivity and adherence. I gave you a few examples of how just having them on increased our visibility, enhancing our safety to some degree. Not guaranteeing our safety, but certainly enhancing it.

    For me, it was a wonderful way to make my very dark running gear reflect better (especially the black running jacket and running pants and the OrangeMud running vest which has a lot of black on it). And even though the removable strip didn’t work on that UnderArmour hat very well, the permanent one works great there. Just reflect and plan out which strips work best where and stick/iron them on and you’re ready for a great illuminated, more enlightened run.

    Thanks very much to the Brilliant Reflective Company and to Bib Rave for allowing me to test and review this wonderful product. I’m very impressed with it and look forward to continuing to use it in the future.

    When I ask you wearing these Brilliant safety strips: can you see me now? I’m confident you’ll say: yes we can…and much better now!

    Happy Trails!