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Today, on May 11, 2016, Ha Tran and I presented Episode 10 of Three Feet from Gold series based upon the book by Greg Reid and Sharon Lechter. The blab title was Believing in Yourself based upon Chapter 12 of the book. In this show, we discussed the deep importance of having self-confidence in ourselves and our abilities in order to be successful. We have to believe in ourselves in order to be able to transform ourselves for the better with our health, life, the lives of our families and friends, and for running success, too.

One book that deeply impacted me as a child was The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. Hungry for inspiration, I devoured this bestseller which has sold more than 7 million copies before finally copying several portions of the book onto notecards as positive affirmations. I also copied all the Bible verses (including my favorite, Philippians 4:13) so I could have a ready source of Biblical inspiration to fill my life with periodic bursts of faith when I needed it during occasional fear and doubt-filled moments. As a child, I sometimes felt inadequate with low self-esteem, partly due to my perfectionism and allowing the criticism of others to affect me too deeply. De. Peale’s book and his other books he wrote made a deep impact upon my life, giving my the positive centralizing philosophy that remains with me today. It had the effect of a complete mental reboot, allowing me to charge myself positively instead of being a tough, harsh critic (too negative) of myself. It allowed me to have and cultivate a quiet confidence in myself and my abilities and a realization that I had greater gifts than I realized and that I could help others much more than I thought I was capable. So by the age of 11 or 12, I was practicing positive affirmations with note cards. Interestingly enough, today I have a stack of positive affirmations that I have compiled that I glance at and reflect upon daily. One of them is above on the green notecard. They help. Every little bit helps. You see, the stronger we can make ourselves, the greater capacity we have to positively impact the lives of others with boundless abundance.

Enjoy the show! Here is the blab replay for your enjoyment, enrichment, and education. May it inspire you to greater heights of success in your life and the lives of all those who you can positively affect on a daily basis. Even if we can help only one person per day, it is enough. And that’s at least 365-366 people annually. I would strongly suggest that we aim higher than that. Maybe if we can help at least 3 people per day or more, that’s closer to 1,000 people per year or more. Who are your three people today you will reach out and help? Who can you help today in compassionate service? Light up their lives with positivity, joy, hope, and love!