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Today, on run streak day 800, I created a photographic running kaleidoscope showing my top 9 moments from today’s 8.12 mile run. I captured the sun, moon, straws, clouds, and a few glimpses of rustic Nebraska prairie. Ran 1.05 mi with Misty (our dog) and then 7.07 to finish. Since the dog run was a predawn run, the photos are all from the second run. Feeling so grateful and blessed to still be running this strong after 800 days (dating back to Nov. 19, 2013). Total run streak mileage to date: 4500.95 miles. Wow! Almost 5000! Days like this remind me to truly be grateful for gifts like running and to unwrap them to my fullest capacity, allowing me to optimize my running and to live a more healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. My soul and my life are just overflowing with wonderful things right now. That wonder almost leaves me speechless on Wordless Wednesday. Thank you to all of you for your support, encouragement, and creative ideas, especially those of you who advised me to run more.

Running along and running STRONG!