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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

On the eve of Thanksgiving, many of us try to count our blessings and to remember to be grateful for what blessings we do have and continue to receive. Even if it does not always feel like it, my cup clearly overflows with with a cornucopia (Latin meaning “horn of plenty”) of blessings. (see Psalm 23:5: “my cup overflows…”). Sometimes, I get caught up in what crises or chaos has occurred and forget to thank those I love for all they have done for me: my family, my friends.

So here is what I am thankful for:

FAMILY. my loving family who has supported me through wonderful and underwhelming moments. My strength comes from my family. Thank you to my family! I love you!

FAITH. Trying to walk with God in my daily life. Trying to find His will for my life. Asking God where or what He wants me to do next. Thank you God for everything!

FRIENDS. My friendships this year have really blossomed. Being able to share in life’s joys and commiserate/cheer each other up is an essential part of life. Be of good cheer. Thank you to my friends! You mean so much to me!

FREEDOM. We are blessed with a lot of freedom in our country that is not available in other countries and we forget to be grateful and thank God for this gift.

HOME SWEET HOME. We are blessed with a home to live in and share with our family and friends who come to visit us.

RUNNING/HEALTH. Thankful for the joyful gift of running, good health, and the endurance to dig deep with running this year, making it a bigger part of my life. Ran through 365-day runstreak and 1900 miles in the same week.

OPPORTUNITIES KNOCKING. My future is bright because I have hope and trust in God that doors will open to the opportunities that God means for me to explore.

HEALTHY MOMENTUM building. Have achieved great momentum in steps I have taken to exercise and eat right/lose weight. Need to keep it going.

JOY. Trying to find joy in every day, moment, and situation no matter how difficult. God told us to be of good cheer, to be brave and courageous. (See John 16:33: “In the world you will have trouble, but take COURAGE, for I have overcome the world.”)

HOPE. Hope for a better future. Things are looking up.

WRITING. Love to write, need to make more time for it, even when I am too tired or don’t feel like it. I need writing as an outlet.

PEACE. Where are you inner peace? It’s been a very stormy, difficult year but I am trying to create/re-create peaceful moments of solitude for myself to allow me to rebound and bounce back to a better tomorrow.

WONDER/BEAUTY. Rediscovering the outdoor beauty on my runs with photography or just naked eye observation. Carving out time to explore beauty and wonder in art and music in my life.

CREATIVITY: Thankful for this great artistic gift, trying to find ways to integrate it into my life better, whether through creative writing, music, artistry, photography, reading, etc. Sometimes I struggle with having great creative bursts then feeling a lack of inspiration. Need more creative consistency.

MUSIC. Grateful for the gift of music in my life and for having people that encouraged me to learn to play the piano, organ, and sing. Music is an essential part of my life and I need to reconnect with music.

PRAYER. Finding a renaissance of prayer in my life with the Rosary, Bible reading, extra prayers that I can find and locate or just praying on my own. Reconnecting with God is helping me find more strength and fortitude.

QUIET/SOLITUDE. Aiming to recapture the quiet solitude of my life this year. Trying to unplug from technology for at least an hour a day. We all need quiet moments to recharge our brains and energy batteries to find strength for the tougher moments in life.

For what are you THANKFUL? HAPPY THANKSGIVING! God bless you and your families!

Thanksgiving Footer Feet  post-run on RSD 365

Thanksgiving Footer Feet
post-run on RSD 365