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On my birthday, July 21, I ran a full marathon (+.3mi) in 3 parts, a triple-shot marathon circuit as I call it. So I can cross running a marathon on my birthday off my bucket list! (Does it still count as a full marathon even though partitioned on the same day? I say yes. Running purists may disagree but I challenge anyone to run thrice in one day and then tell me it does not count.) One half-marathon at a fast clip (fast for me=sub10:00 min/mile splits).

First half of BD marathon

First half of BD marathon

Then a break for Mass since I was covering piano and organ music that day for our 9:30 choir (I do music ministry on the side to help out at church.). Then a 7 mile run outside where the heat and humidity almost destroyed me.

7 more miles :)

7 more miles 🙂

I knew I couldn’t finish the marathon circuit attempt outside. Too hot/humid. Drowning in sweat, I moved to the treadmill for the last 6 miles.

Slower than molasses but it counts!

Slower than molasses but it counts!

WOW! This was a tough marathon circuit workout!

A friend from Colombia who ran 35K for her 35th birthday inspired me to possibly shoot for 45k since I turned 45 (I laughed at the idea, especially when my friend egged me on, but deep down I was determined to try). I fell slightly short of the 45k but any marathon (even in parts) is awesome. Only problem: weird blood blister on my right foot between big toe and 2nd toe. OUCH! Gone now but for a while I had the “5k maniac” blood blister on the left foot in front/side and the “Crazy Marathoner” blood blister on the right foot. Walking wounded and I became an instant heel-striker again (for a week) just to avoid smashing the blisters. Went to Cheesecake Factory that evening with Mimi & Cecilia. Ordered from the skinny menu-staying on the MyFitnessPal routine. I’ve lost 7 lbs since joining MFP. MFP rocks! 🙂

Hunt for your best runs and tell me about them, love to hear great running stories,

Jeremy (R.G.S.)