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Reflecting upon the importance of Road ID bracelets that we wear for safety and in case of emergency…Do you have a Road ID that you wear and carry with you? Mine has my name, phone number, lists asthma, and has an inspirational quote that I will reveal later. I was very happy to obtain a Road ID that had a reflective strip attached to the velcro weave on the outside. Unfortunately, over the miles and years, the reflectivity has faded to the point that it’s not safe without fixing or replacing it. After checking, I learned that Road ID no longer makes these like this with the reflective strips attached to velcro. But I like the one I have. So I decided to fix this one.
As you can see from the photo, I’ve already applied about a 1/2 thin strip of Brilliant Reflective previously on the side of my Road ID that didn’t pass one of my safety audits. However, checking today, I noticed that the reflectivity is fading more especially on one side. The other side still looks reflective enough but I’d rather be safe than sorry so let’s cover both sides. Before a race recently in the sunlight, it looked like the whole band might still be reflective enough (but again, this was in brilliant sunlight). But it’s important to test our safety equipment/gear/clothes in the dark with a flash camera to make sure it’s still safe.
So to fix the safety issue, I used about a 1/2 strip (slightly less) of the blue Brilliant Reflective tape. However, the width was a little wider than I needed. So I cut the strip laterally in half so I could place half on each side. (Although the width of the strip was approximately the entire width of the Road ID, I just wanted to replace the velcro width which is a little less). This is the stick-on variety, easy to use: just stick on and press/rub the strip into place. Then test with a flash camera. I wouldn’t recommend fixing a Road ID reflective strip with the iron-on strips just to prevent burning your ID with the iron (my ID part is metallic).
As you can see from the pictures below, the Road ID is now safe on both sides, bright and reflective as it should be. The metallic ID reflects light too.
If you face this decision, it’s okay to get another Road ID or switch to a newer Road ID you like better. If you have an older one like mine, you can fix it easily as I’ve shown. But it’s important to have that ICE (in case of emergency) info with you at all times in case you need help and/or medical attention. Accidents happen. Be prepared. And if your new Road ID isn’t reflective, make sure you’re wearing reflective clothes, gear, shoes that can be seen easily.
If you’re interested in knowing more about Brilliant Reflective, please let me know or visit I have a special discount code as a Brilliant Ambassador that you can use.
Hope this is helpful. Please remember to be safe and wear Road ID, ideally one with reflectivity. Happy healthy trails! (P.S. The inspirational quote at the bottom of my Road ID reads: Don’t Stop Believing! quoting the Journey song that I love).