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Proper layering for exercise can be challenging, especially in fall and winter. We focus more on the heavyweight layers for winter but we also need lightweight breathable layers as well. Today we’ll review the MD ultra-light athletic tank top running singlet. Before I proceed, I received a free MD ultra-light athletic tank top to test in exchange for this review. I’ve run in the singlet about 7 times now so about a week.

The most amazing thing about this singlet/tank top is the lightweight nature of it. Weighing in at only 36 grams, it’s the lightest singlet I’ve ever worn. In fact, it is so lightweight you really don’t even notice it is there unless you look at it. The fabric is very thin and breathable. It’s a unique blend of polypropylene, nylon, and spandex. The ventilation is superior. It wicks sweat away from us as we exercise. It is form-fitting (make sure you order the right size) so it’s not like the loose lightweight running garments that some of us are used to. It can be worn as an inner layer or as an outer layer (see above). I’ve also tested it as a middle layer (between shirts).

As an asthmatic, I wear more layers in winter than others. But wearing too many heavyweight layers isn’t good because then the sweat cannot evaporate as well. Having an extra layer (even a singlet) is helpful.

It’s easy to wash and let it hang dry (would recommend that so it doesn’t shrink).

The versatility is impressive. I’ve worn it by itself running indoors on the treadmill. And it has performed every bit as well (if not better) than the Nike singlet that I have (which weighs more). It’s seamless. The only visible seams are on the shoulders connecting the front and back.

Price-wise, it’s inexpensive. It’s listed at $15.99-$19.99 on Amazon (cheaper than Nike and many competitors).

Layering tips: I prefer to layer this singlet with UnderArmour shirts (either above or as a base layer or even in between). Performance: Probably performs best as a base layer. Not a good idea to wear it atop more than 1 shirt/garment. But over a single garment works well too.

The orange color is good for visibility so I like that. We need to make efforts to be seen during Running Safety Month (and every month).

I am very impressed with this singlet and will be wearing it a lot. The only possible drawback is the length. (It’s shorter than Nike singlets for example) If you’re looking for a high-performance ultralight (flyweight) tank top, check it out here:

Remember this fall and winter: layer up! Not just with heavyweight layers but with light too. Blending heavyweight with lightweight layers works well. Sometimes the lightweight layers add some wicking capability that heavyweight layers may lack. Looking for a singlet? Don’t forget to check your supply of lightweight wicking gear for winter because many of our workouts will be indoors in a heated environment. Stock up now before it snows!

Happy healthy trails!