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Wearing compression clothing/gear is very helpful in allowing us to exercise more easily and with less pain/soreness and speeds our recovery. Not only is this the case for calves but also for the upper body (e.g., backs, shoulders, and torsos). Let’s review the MD Compression athletic T-shirt. First, as full disclosure, I was provided a free MD compression athletic T-shirt to test in exchange for this review. Thank you to MD for asking me to test and review this very fine shirt.

In winter, sometimes we have more muscle cramps due to the lower temperatures. We don’t always know which muscle groups may bother us on a run or workout. It’s smart to run with some compressive clothing where we tend to have trouble. Just as my calves can sometimes cramp up, so can other areas. Sometimes for me this is my back.

The MD compression shirt is a blend of nylon and polyester. It feels like an all-poly shirt. In fact, I checked to make sure it wasn’t all-poly and found it was a blend. As far as being seamless, it is. There is a very subtle pattern in the blue shirt, I flashed the photos below so you could see it. It appears these are mesh ventilation points and just adding a little green to the design. It’s a little mysterious visually in appearance with the subtlety of the design (green on the front, purple tint on the back in the blue shirt). But it performs very well.

Wearing the shirt for about 7-10 runs, I noticed that it wicks very well. It dries quickly. Sweat doesn’t accumulate in the shirt. It’s a very comfortable base layer. Once slipping this shirt on, we feel more support in the back, chest, torso, and shoulders: areas that tend to tense up when we run and workout. I tested the shirt by itself and with other shirts. It performed well. Although you can wear this shirt over a thin shirt, it’s probably best not to do so. It’s designed to be a base layer.

Testing the shirt in warmer and cooler weather, it seemed to perform well in all weather conditions. It’s a handy shirt to help stay warm in winter. Maybe on days when we don’t want a full long-sleeve shirt but just a short sleeve layer. Keeps us warm while wicking the sweat away from the body, which it does very well.

For compression shirts, we frequently have the compression long sleeve shirts already for winter. But do we have compression short-sleeve shirts?

Price: It’s available for $16.99-20.99 from Amazon. Very reasonably priced, cheaper than many alternatives.

I have a blue short-sleeve compression shirt that was just about worn out and so the arrival of this one has been helpful. I like this MD shirt better than the one I am parting with though as it wicks better and it seems to keep back pain away when I run and exercise. The MD shirt fits well and there’s no issue with the collar choking the neck like some compression shirts have. The collar allows us to breathe easily unlike some tighter compression alternatives I have worn.

Does the shirt work well indoors? Yes, I have tested it on the treadmill also and was impressed with its performance. No back or upper-body pain on any of the runs/workouts in which I tested it.

Any drawbacks? None.

It washes easily and dries quickly. There’s no issue with it retaining moisture on the run or in workouts: the moisture is wicked away from us.

How can you learn more about this shirt? Check it out here on Amazon from the shortened weblink:

Would I recommend this shirt? Yes, I would, without any reservation. It’s the best short-sleeve compression shirt I have right now, with better wicking and ventilation than my previous favorite. It’s comfortable and would make a great gift for runners/athletes you may know.

Layer up properly on your happy healthy runs! Try one of these MD compression shirts, you’ll have more fun!