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Are you ready for the rocks of life? Challenges and obstacles roll through our path sometimes blocking our way. These difficulties can be minor or they can be major and transformative. But we all confront them and we can struggle in the navigation process. With some inner strengthening and diligent practice, we can learn to better traverse the rocky moments of life, finding places of safety and security when we reach a more familiar path.

One way to run around these rocks is to simply rise above them. Even standing upon them (see above). It changes our perspective. Be careful, not all rocks are flat, some have ridges and points and we need to try to see those or they can cause us to lose our balance.

Another important thing to remember with rocky moments is that not all rocks are large. Some seem larger than they actually are but are actually smaller stones or even tiny pebbles. If we can change direction and avoid the rock, that’s frequently the best path.

Another creative way to handle rocks of life is to make the rock a verb instead of a noun. Rocks should be more positive or even neutral: geological artifacts. But we talk about rocking our runs and that really begins with a rocket mentality. What does that mean? It means a winning championship attitude and mentality with toughness, perseverance, and strength. After all, people are counting on all of us that need our help.

Some passages of life are easier and some are tougher. But we need not be intimidated by being challenged. There are always people there to help us. Please don’t be afraid to ask someone for help if you need it. We all have struggles and there’s nothing to be ashamed of in asking for a hand or even an encouraging word. Sometimes all we need is a friend, family member, or even a coach to lean on to handle a tough situation we’ve never experienced before.

We all must take steps to help and protect ourselves from dangerous situations. Our safety and security is very important because it affects our family and friends.

How can we better be ready for darker moments and seasons of life? Preparation is key. Be prepared. One way is with Brilliant Reflective safety strips that we can attach to our clothing, shoes, and gear. These contain very bright reflective Scotchlite material so we can be seen more easily and appear more brilliantly to those whom we pass by.

Yes, we can be rock ready to deal with tough challenges, rock steady on our feet and rock red-E because BR has red safety strips. I’ve never tried the red safety strips yet but let’s see how we can apply and use them now to stay safe. We’ll be applying them to my Skechers shoes and my Columbia waterproof running jacket, two items that need some safety enhancements due to zero-to-low reflective visibility now. These are the stick-on strips so faster to apply than the iron-on variety. So we’ll add these safety strips to the front and back of the shoes and to the front and back shoulder areas and wrist region of the jacket. As we move, these are the best locations to affix the strips, especially considering that I could be wearing a vest over the jacket.

If you would like to try these, please visit: and as a BR ambassador, I would be happy to help you and answer any questions about this safety solution.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Be safe! Rock ready! Let’s roll with the rocks and find the safe path together. Happy healthy trails! Be strong and rock and roll your challenges safely! Remember, if you’re running in the darkness, illuminate. Bring your brightest reflective gear. And lights. Thanks! Enjoy your workouts!