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Sprinting through September, or so it seems. Have you noticed the long September shadows? As we move further into fall the brightness of the sun is accompanied by longer shadows that block some of the sunlight. In evening sometimes these shadows fade almost immediately into dusk and sunset, a low-visibility time of the day. Shadows of trees and buildings can speed up sunset a little bit.

Visibility is very important. Even in shadows and of course in darkness. Invisibility, although something we crave in our childhood and when playing hide-and-seek, is not something that helps us when we are exercising outside to be safe. And the smallest item can block sunlight and obscure our view a bit. See the photo above? Even my iPhone blocks a little of my shirt and OrangeMud vest. I confess I almost deleted this photo but then I said: wait…there’s a point here.

Most of the time when we exercise we are passing in and out of sunlight and shadows, sort of like a dance almost. Except it’s a run. Or a run-walk. Or a walk. In the shadows our eyes can see a little as we aren’t blinded quite so much by the sun. But objects in the shadows are tougher to see due to the darker conditions. Almost invisible if it’s a darker shadow.

As you can see from the photos above and below, the Brilliant Reflective safety strips reflect sunlight well, making my running gear, clothing, and me as a moving (or still) person more visible. There are several lines that radiate in different shapes the sunlight that is present. Yes, sometimes we are running in shadows for a long time. Then it is important that we are able to see each other, our dogs, bikers, and other pedestrians that may appear rather suddenly. It’s very important to me to be able to easily see where my dog Misty is when I run so we don’t collide and so I know quickly if there is a problem that I need to react to with controlling the leash. That’s why we applied Brilliant Reflective to both sides of her leash and she has a reflective collar. Similarly, we want to be able to see if we have to make a sudden stop or, more frequently, changing the course ever so slightly to avoid others, even if it’s just another runner with their own dog. Or a fast cyclist.

Remember not everyone will be wearing bright reflective clothing at all times. So we need to be more cautious. We should take adequate measures to make sure that our fall can be as wonderful as possible by keeping it safe for everyone, not only for us and our families, but for anyone we encounter on the streets, roads, and trails. If we all work together, we could make it the brightest fall ever. Even if the sun isn’t shining quite so visibly. Or if shadows and/or darkness obscure our view. Or if it’s a foggy, cloudy, rainy day. And we can have peace of mind and calm assurance knowing that we will be seen. And our family and friends taking the same/similar precautions will also be seen. Brilliance reflects and radiates.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Brilliant Reflective strips, please visit: and/or contact me and I’d be happy to answer any questions about how I use these safe and secure running and fitness aids.

Hope you are enjoying the cooler fall weather and beautiful fall colors. Remember: objects in motion with biomotion and a locomotion mentality stay in visible motion so let’s move more and be seen!

Have a wonderful weekend! Happy healthy running! In sunlight and in shadows. Pierce the shadows and darkness with your bright reflective gear! Let’s see it. Light it up! Be safe!