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On November 19, 2013, I began my current runstreak, which turned 3 years old today, day 1096. It’s been an exciting adventure, full of challenges, surprises, adjustments, walk breaks, and most recently, PRs.

I can’t overemphasize the impact that running consistently on a daily basis has transformed my life, health and running: it’s taken me to a new level and restored health where I was struggling with periodic illness with asthma.

For this momentous day, I chose to run short: 3.94 miles: 1.02 miles outside in chilly cold windy conditions (like a ninja runner) and 2.82 miles on the treadmill in Ireland (after all, it was the iFit workout of the day). How could I resist the scenic opportunity to virtually run in Ireland indoors?

Not every run is perfect. Not every run is easy. The outdoor run today was difficult and I ran it with Misty, our faithful English setter who has accompanied me on so many runs and run-walks (or “ralks” as we call them in our dog language with her). But we got through it and moved the rest to the treadmill. Remember in winter we can do this inside-outside combination. It’s not ideal but we’re still getting our workouts in one way or another. Or both ways.

Speedwork (magic mile track time) with the Galloway running group tomorrow so couldn’t run too fast today, so no fartlek today (my usual Friday workout) but we did run fast enough to slice the wind and return rapidly so I could take my daughter to school in time.

Remember to wear many layers as we edge into winter. It’s a lot easier to remove layers than to add layers we have forgotten. I am grateful for all those layers, including the Aerodaks running underwear that I wore for today’s run and will be reviewing soon on the blog. Also grateful for the XX2i optics glasses (shown in today’s pictures) keeping wind and debris from entering my eyes on today’s very windy run. Will be reviewing the shades soon too.

Happy to have stretched the runstreak to this extent. I’m blessed and grateful for every day that I am healthy enough to run. And making the run-walk the sole method of training has helped me so much in conserving energy, controlling asthma, and finding new heights with running success that I have not experienced.

Thank you to all of you who have helped me, it’s been very difficult at times. The fatigue has been one of the biggest challenges. But it seems that naps and earlier bedtimes help. And coffee. Okay, lots of coffee! Who are we kidding here?

Hope all of your runs are going well. Please let me know if I can help in any way, my door and ears are always waiting. I’m listening.
With grateful running love for all of you, Peace my family and friends, Jeremy