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Happy Throwback Thursday! Last month, on May 21, 2016, Misty and I ran the Puppy Run for the second consecutive year. This is a virtual run sponsored by FitFam. (Fitfam also sponsors #racechat on Twitter on Wednesday nights if you have never participated please check it out.) This year we chose to run the 10k instead of the 5k last year. Much of this post will be photographic and will follow the text. The Puppy Run is held to raise money for animal rescue and to encourage pets and their owners to be more active together. Exercise is good for people and our pets. And our pets need exercise, too in order to become and remain healthy. And as the photo above demonstrates, Early to bed and early to rise makes people and pets healthy, wealthy and wise!

We thoroughly enjoyed our double-loop 10k (two separate 5k loops) course this year and took many photos to share with you. I made sure to keep the pace slow but comfortable for Misty and allow plenty of sniff breaks and for when nature called. Always remember to pause appropriately and frequently for those who have paws. Dogs need breaks, too before, during and after exercise just like people.

Love running with Misty so much! Her energy, enthusiasm, support and excitement for running is very uplifting and encouraging to me. She can even pull me up hills on the leash (slightly). Sometimes she might have a different path in mind than I do and sometimes we follow that dog-directed path. One time when we followed that dog-chosen path, we unexpectedly found $5! We must follow unexpected dog-legs or changes in our running courses from time to time! Variety keeps running much more interesting and fascinating.

Pets need love, attention, affection, and exercise. Please make sure you give your dogs that attention and love that they deserve. Sometimes the best listeners are the dogs that run with us and sleep quietly on our laps. I’m convinced that even when our dogs bark, they are still listening in an excited way.

Unfortunately, when I asked Garmin to save The Puppy Run on my watch, it deleted it. But we ran 6.3 miles at 11:33 pace. It was warm and a little humid so we took it easy.

So run with dogs, join us for the Puppy Run when it returns and select your half-marathon, 10k, or 5k distance. Enjoy the photographic celebration of Puppy Run 10k 2016.

Have you run a great virtual run lately? Please let us know which ones so we can try it next time. And remember, virtual races are great way to connect with fellow runners, dogs, and dog owners ’round the world! Right Misty? WOOF!

Thank you Fitfam and all The Puppy Run participants! Loved seeing your pictures, running routes, and stories of running with your dogs! WOOF WOOF!

To share our secret cue for running between Misty and I: Let’s go for a(RF) Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrun Misty! (Misty tries to repeat word run but comes out ARF-RUN! Or AR-RUN! Misty has trouble pronouncing her “f’s” so they are silent f’s if it’s the last letter just like in the French language.

Pawsing gratefully and thankfully for emphasis with love, joy, and runlove, Run doggedly and prosper! Misty (AR-Rrrrrrun!) and Jeremy 🙂