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On May 25, Ha Tran and I presented Episode 12 of our weekly Three Feet From Gold series entitled: The Power of Association (based on Chapter 15: Association from the book). In this episode, we discussed the critical importance of our collaborative and cooperative associations, especially that strong inner circle that supports and reinforces us through adversity, challenges, and chaos when these occur. Chapter 15 is an interesting chapter in the book as it is the point when Sharon Lechter meets Greg Reid (the co-authors). We identified people like Debbi Fields (of Mrs. Fields’ Cookies fame) and how she was able to achieve such amazing success despite some significant doubters in her life. Finding meaningful strong connections is very important us being able to transform ourselves into the very best versions of ourselves. Our associations should ideally lift us up, not tear us down.

Here is a copy of the blab replay for your enjoyment, enrichment, and education. It is also available on my Youtube channel in the Three Feet From Gold and Positivity Patrol folders. Thank you for your support. Next week we are discussing the Courage to Change and Don’t Quit (chapters 16 and 17) in Episode 13. We are projecting June 15 as the last episode in the show. Thanks again!