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Last Wednesday, May 18, Ha Tran and I presented Episode 11 of the Three Feet From Gold series on blab: Opportunities and Attitude covering Chapters 13 and 14 of the book by Greg Reid and Sharon Lechter. One important quote we discussed regarding opportunities was by Milton Berle:

Opportunity Knocks

Here is a copy of the Blab replay for your enrichment, enjoyment, and education. We are hopeful that it may help you as we all have common experience in having to create our own opportunities when other doors close or when doors seem to disappear and to also have the right positive mental attitude to be successful. We have to set ourselves free from the stinkin’ thinkin’ that Zig Ziglar made so infamous in order to succeed.

On tomorrow’s episode, we will be discussing the synergistic Power of Association and chapter 15 of the book. Thanks for your support! We appreciate it!