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Today on April 27, Ha Tran and I presented Episode 8 of Three Feet from Gold: Masterminds based upon the Three Feet from Gold book. For the first time, we had two episodes back-to-back to rectify the “lost” episode 6 recording that for some reason, Blab didn’t save the first time around.
The mastermind concept has been popularized by the Napoleon Hill book Think and Grow Rich as well as other books including Three Feet from Gold. But there is a wide divergence of thought as to what a mastermind is or ought to be to maximize the potential gains for members. It was a great discussion and we spoke with members of the audience afterwards to further explore the mastermind concept.
Enjoy Episode 8: here is the blab replay for your education, enjoyment and enrichment. Thank you for your support of the show, series, and discussion of success principles and success formula contained within this book.