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Today, with my good friend Ha Tran, we launched our blab series based on the Three Feet from Gold book by Greg Reid and Sharon Lechter. Today’s show was called Running on Empty after chapter 1 of the book. Here is the Blab link if you would like to watch it. You can also find the show on my Youtube channel in the Three Feet from Gold and Positivity Patrol file folders. In this show, I talk about my only DNF: did not finish in a marathon. I will be writing a separate blog about that experience this week.

Yesterday, I wrote an article on Medium talking about why we are producing this show and how it can help people find success in their own way on their journey using the success formula found in Three Feet from Gold. You can find the article here:

View story at

In next week’s episode, we are covering chapters 2-3 of the book (Awakening and Planting the Seeds). Next week’s show is at 12pm Central time on March 16. We’re airing the shows every Wednesday at noon.