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Happy Music Monday!

Let me explain: Today I sought a somewhat hilly course for my second run and noticed a lonely shopping cart atop a hill near Southpointe Mall in Lincoln. So I decided to stop there and maybe return the cart to its rightful store. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. Plus city sidewalks are not shopping cartpaths. (On the golf course, this would be more confusing.) Also, pedestrian safety: didn’t want runners, walkers, or bikers to collide with the cart. So finding the cart, I checked and it was from Bed Bath and Beyond at Southpointe Mall. So I snapped a pic using the amazing newly-discovered app Snapchat and ran the cart back to its rightful store.

Moral of the story: Please return your shopping carts to the store after you finish shopping so runners don’t feel compelled to return them. Thank you!

With no apologies to Yes the band, who wrote and recorded Owner of a Lonely Heart, I give you Owner of a Lonely Cart.