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Will Rogers

Do you use your imagination and the power of visualization when you run? If so, how often and what do you imagine or visualize? Today on Periscope (see below for scope) I revealed one of my favorite mental tricks for elevating mind over matter: the lasso running rope trick. It’s very simple: easier than Will Rogers’ classic lasso rope tricks! Let me explain.

The lasso is a famous classic used for rope tricks, used by Will Rogers many years ago and even to this day at rodeos for entertainment. Although rope tricks more commonly dazzle the crowds at the rodeo today, the lasso rope trick can be used very successfully in running, even with fartlek (explained in the scope).

First we need a target or targets. During a run, you can use any person or object. If you choose a person during a race, try to pick someone moving at a good fast clip that will make you want to speed up and catch, hold pace with, and ideally, pass.

Second, we visualize a lasso, spin the lasso in your mind. Can you see it? Maybe you can even hear it spin if it is being spun around at a high velocity. If you like kinesthetic reinforcement, find or buy yourself a rope and make a lasso. Or draw one on a sheet of paper and look at it periodically as a reminder.

Third, virtually throw or send the lasso to your target in your imagination, pull tight on the virtual lasso and use the person or object to “pull” you instead of having to push. Overexertion can occur when we try to push too hard while running. If we are more relaxed, we can run more efficiently, expending less energy and less effort. Ideally our running should be effortless as much as possible, even when we are racing.

Fourth, if we reel in our targets with the lasso, i.e., pass the person on the trail or race, we simply pick a new target and repeat. If it’s a tough winter day, we can use lightposts, mailboxes, the top of a hill, rocks, trees, the sun, whatever virtual target we choose. Then we just reset the targets accordingly and keep reeling them in easily.

Finally, we must visualize/see ourselves as being able to reel in our lasso targets. If we believe we can do this, then most of the time we can be successful. This trick is very helpful at the end of a race when we have expended all your energy and feel like we have exhausted our full bag of running tricks. Then we remember: the LASSO!

So try the lasso rope tricks and use the lasso with abundance when needed during your runs and races. Please let me know if it works for you. I think you’ll be surprised how effective it is. We just need to practice it a little bit. At first it might seem a little silly but trust me, the silliness fades into reality and a higher level of running and peak performance racing, including passing people you didn’t think you could at the end of races. If we can expand our imagination and visualization before, during, and after our runs, we can achieve greater running success with less effort. Just close your eyes and visualize!