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ANCHORS AWEIGH! Yes, the anchor (app) is now clear of the sea bottom (released to the world!) and we are moving through the water of life.

There is an AMAZING new audio app for iOS only (sorry Android users) called Anchor! Have you discovered it yet? Test anchor now and you will be impressed! Anchors aweigh to a whole new world! Just joined it this week and so far I am amazed at its power and resonance. I spoke about it briefly today on Periscope to spread the word. So far I have been unable to find a way to embed anchor audio clips into my blogposts but when I do I will amend this blogpost and add clips. You can find anchor at and in the Apple App Store on your iOs device. Will be giving running tips and coaching tips there daily.

The app allows you to start conversational discussion “waves” of 2 minutes, then users can respond with one-minute replies, new waves can form in conjunction with your waves and the waves can reverberate for many cycles. Very exciting app.

My only difficulty is keeping up with all the waves. And once you get tagged in a wave (you can tag others), you feel like you need to respond. How quickly do we need to respond? And how? And is failing to respond to a wave an actual response? Developing…Stay tuned! It’s a very exciting technological breakthrough. Very helpful to coaches and those of us who need to connect with others around the world. So let’s ride and surf these powerful new audio waves together and see how we can make them converge to improve and transform the world.