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Happy Hump Day! Wednesday, the mid-week point. Couldn’t find a camel to celebrate today but I found some “speed humps”. Not speed bumps.

Looking for ways to enhance, strengthen and boost your runs in natural ways? Nature can help. There are amazing benefits to running outside and experiencing the endorphin-boosting benefits of seeing the sun, trees, varied animals, and more. If you pause briefly to soak up the experience, it does refill our energy banks, makes us smile, and helps us strengthen our resolve to finish our exercise, runs, and walks. The visual snapshot we take can strengthen us as we run longer and stronger. Celebrate each new animal you see and stop and watch a few to see what they are doing.

Today I was able to run a little more than 10 miles for the first time since January 30. Part of the reason why I was able to do it was a combination of fantastic warmer weather and taking time to enjoy the ducks, geese, crows, squirrels, trees, and beautiful reflections in the water.

Let’s look at a few examples of what I caught today: