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Today on a very WINDY day, it’s time to review the Windstopper running gloves sold by Road Runner Sports of San Diego. No incentives were received in exchange for this review, I’m only reviewing these gloves because I love them.

Nebraska is a very windy state. In fact, the wind is one of the toughest weather challenges we encounter here. Wind warnings and advisories are very common year-round.

Running gloves come in all shapes, sizes and thicknesses. These gloves happen to be one of the best for windy conditions.


Why do I love these gloves? Let me count the ways: First, durability of these gloves. They last a long time. I’ve had this pair for 6-8 years or so and the only wear they are showing is on the Road Runner Sports logo on the outside. Secondly, these gloves protect your hands from wind very well down to about 20-25 degrees Fahrenheit or so. Below that, I opt for other gloves. They do not completely block the wind but the wind doesn’t seem to penetrate through the double-layer fleece construction. Third, the hand grip is made of rubberized non-slip material so you will not be dropping your keys, water bottle, or dog leash. When I run with my dog, that frequently cuts my hands when the dog pulls on the leash. Wearing these gloves, I don’t have to worry about that. Fourth, reliability: the gloves are well-made and stitched together/reinforced well in the fingertips that frequently get cold when we run or walk outside in the cold/wind. Fifth, visibility: I like the color red. I’m sure they come in other colors, too. It’s a little easier for people (and our dog) to see a brighter color like red. Invisibility is not helpful for being safe when we run. Sixth, comfort. These gloves are very soft on your hands so there is no sandpaper effect like you might get with gloves that are not quite as soft. Hide these gloves from your pets though as I’m guessing they would be very attractive chew toys. Seventh, warmth. These gloves make your hands feel 5-10 degrees warmer than it really is in my experience. Frostbite is not fun and we need to take steps to prevent it. Even when it’s above freezing here, we frequently need to wear gloves or our fingers get cold easily. This is more problematic for people like me with long fingers (more exposure to cold/wind). If my hands feel comfortable and warm, I can keep running. If not, I need to make other plans. These gloves create a comfort zone so your hands don’t feel uncomfortably numb from the cold and wind. Eighth, these gloves are great for runner high-fives.

Here’s today’s Periscope via with me talking about these gloves.

What are these gloves not good for? Mainly driving, texting (Road Runner Sports has good gloves with the fingers that allow you to use your phone with the fingers, though), and very cold weather, colder than 20 F. Not ideal gloves for rainy or wet conditions (not water-repellent or resistant). Primarily they are wind-resistant and secondly cold-resistant.

So with two thumbs up, I endorse these as my favorite running gloves for warmer than 20-25 F: Windstopper gloves by Road Runner Sports. Hands down, these are the best.