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Wearing my Lincoln Track Club shirt today, I decided to speak about why you should join your local running club or track club as we call it here. Enjoy today’s Periscope brought to you by katch (

Among the reasons why you should rejoin your local running club or track club: 1) It deepens our running knowledge by tapping the collective knowledge of a broader runcrew. 2) We get to meet new runner friends and renew old running friendships. 3) We learn new maps and running courses for Strava and other running platforms. 4) Variety in running different paces and different places under different running conditions. 5) We’re all a big running tribe and we should support each other any way we can because we are all in this together. 6) Volunteers are needed to help with local and regional races in your area, you become more aware of this as a member of your running club. 7) Running newsletters and updates are provided that are at a deeper level than you can otherwise find in your area. 8) Learn about new races you can run that you never have yet. 9) Even if you were a member of your local running club before and left, you can always return: the running community will welcome you with open arms. and 10) It makes you a better, healthier, smarter, and stronger runner in many ways and encourages you to run more frequently.