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Manifest Destiny

Today on Feb. 12, 2016, I hosted a blab called Manifest our Destiny, talking about positivity and how we can create, build, and reinforce our mission and purpose in life and fulfill our most important mission. I was joined by my new friend I just met today on blab, Bambi Thompson, an occupational therapist and coach.

What are the key elements of manifesting our destiny? First, there must be positivity. Positivity is the nucleus of the atom. Secondly, there must be activity, not passivity. We have to actually get off the couch and take action to achieve success. Third, there must be creativity involved, getting in touch with our creative inner self that we tend to forget about sometimes. Fourth, there must be reflection and reflectivity involved. We must dig deep! In order to dig deep, we need to find inspiration from many significant positive sources. Fifth, we must have the courage to be contrarian, to act and align our lives with our integral self. Finally, we must collaborate and cooperate with others.

We should only associate with those who lift us higher in a positive way…unless we are helping others to shift them from negativity in a coaching relationship or serving others in a volunteer basis. We should serve/help those in need who ask for our help, even in subtle ways.

Remember: you are strong, you are powerful, you have a purpose, a definite mission in life. What is it? Imagine it, envision it, write it down and “lock” images of that mission in your brain.

One thing we should try to remind ourselves is our higher metaphysical purpose. Yes, you can not only survive but thrive in a higher plane.

Create shields to block negativity you encounter in life. You will encounter it everywhere you go: on every social media and it is a serious problem on Periscope in particular.

Is a manifest just a list of passengers or travelers on a ship? No, it is your mission in life! Make something wonderful happen now!

Be strong and courageous. This means being resilient. Once you have found your mission in life, speak it clearly and let it resonate throughout the world.

Other examples of a manifest destiny: trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon, writing a book, teaching classes to help people, coaching others using your knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Inspire others with powerful daily nuggets of metaphysical wisdom.

Nature speaks to us. Are we listening? Listening is a key component of manifestation. Listening to others helps solve the sometimes confusing puzzle of life with clarity and conviction.

Dig deep or go home! Dig deep and prosper!

Enjoy the blab. Let’s manifest our destiny together!