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Beginning tapering for the Empyrean 5k Trail Run next weekend today, I reflected upon embracing the taper phase of training for races today on Periscope. Hopefully a week of tapering for a 5k is optimal. Back in May of last year, I found a 3-week taper optimal for a full marathon before running a 4:19 in Lincoln. It’s sort of funny I haven’t run a trail 5k race before although I have run a trail 50k. Did I run those in the wrong order?

It’s wise to schedule some short races to get differential speed work in (not just tempo runs, fartlek, and intervals) and trail races always provide different tests of running skill and efficiency with the varied surface and obstacles that trail races sometimes present (as compared to road racing on pavement or asphalt).

Pleased to see I was able to reel in 200 running miles today (Run the Year calendar says 203.78 for January officially). The wintry conditions have made that a little challenging but the treadmill helped.

What makes a taper work well? Cutting your mileage back to 30% of the normal volume and restricting speedwork to prevent injuries. I could probably run a speed work as late as Wednesday but may just wait to restore speed work until next week.

Farewell January. Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy the scope!