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Mosaic of Today's Run

Mosaic of Today’s Run

How do you respond to challenges? Do you run from them? Embrace them? Accept them? Ponder them? Does it depend upon the size of the challenge? They vary in size and intensity. Some can be fulfilled in a day, some cannot. Sometimes the challenges we can fulfill in a day give us a motivational boost of self-confidence. We can use these incremental victories to find greater success in the long run.

Today, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts challenged Nebraskans to participate with him in a virtual walk challenge, to walk 45 minutes or more. I easily embraced and signed up for this challenge, hoping to use it to make sure I at least walked the dog for 45 minutes. Misty has to take care of her daily dog business (urgent and non-urgent).

To fulfill the first part of the challenge, I took Misty on our daily warmup dog run, about a mile in the dark with snow flurries but aided by a headlamp and some careful, mindful steps.

After dropping of Cecilia at school, I returned to Wilderness Ridge Golf Course to finish off the challenge on a snowy (powder, packed powder, and fresh snow flurries). But before running, I challenged all my Periscope and Twitter followers to workout for 45 minutes or more. Here it is filmed from hole #1 of Wilderness Ridge:

Then, I ran 18 holes at the golf course, about 6.62 mi to go with the 1.04 with the dog. 7.66 running miles to satisfy the challenge. Day 794 of my runstreak is complete.

Just to top it off, endless dog walks with Misty to finish! But the #LiveWellChallenge isn’t over yet: it just began! Now I have to find at least 3 more running/sports events on the statewide list in order to win a bronze medal from the Nebraska Sports Council.

Try challenging yourself with a race, a workout challenge, or choosing one or more healthy habits (nutrition, sleep, hydration, exercise) in a month. See what happens! The results may astonish you!

If I can help you with any running, health, or life challenges with my coaching as a RRCA certified running coach and Dr. Sears certified health coach, please let me know. Thank you!

Misty demonstrating side plank challenge with her new beaver toy

Misty demonstrating side plank challenge with her new beaver toy