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Two years ago today, November 19, 2013, I began an amazing journey pursuing a lengthy runstreak that has transformed my health, running, and life. At first this was intended to just be a 100 day runstreak. But I found I liked runstreaking so much I just could not stop the momentum. I joined the U.S. Running Streak Association/Streak Runners International for added support. Having no idea that the runstreak could provide that much power and significance, I write today hoping to share some of my runstreaking secrets, wisdom, experience, and knowledge I have gained with others who may wish to attempt a runstreak.
A while back, I unveiled my top 10 secrets of runstreaking on Periscope and I will share them with you now (some are not on yet but I will retrieve them and revise with links on the top 5 secret links once “catches” them):
1. Drink Coffee! (just one cup before running is plenty, if you run, you get an extra cup when you return).
2. Bifurcate your Runs! (split them into slices of 2 or more, especially if you are over 40-Jeff Galloway agrees)
3. Run-Walk-Run. Taking walk breaks when needed, every mile or at certain intervals. It conserves energy and leaves you with more stamina/endurance to finish runs.
4. Move It Monday/Monday Mile: Running at least a mile on Mondays. If you’re runstreaking, this is your easy day.
5. Make sure you get adequate sleep/rest. I’ve tried to cut back on sleep with distastrous results in my life. Don’t make my mistake. Sleep is one of the four pillars of healthy living (sleep-eat healthy-hydrate-and move/exercise). If you slice any of these legs off the table of your health, you will struggle.
6. Vary your workout routine and adjust when needed. Flexibility is important, we are all busy and cannot always expect the unexpected in advance.

7. Run between the lightning bolts (wacky weather factor). Also avoid/be careful with snow and ice, heavy rain, wind, etc. Don’t take unnecessary chances with weather.

8. Caution for all hazards: Runners BEWARE!

9. Run DEEP into the woodsy forest for clarity and a significant creativity boost. You know Robert Frost and others would. Be a trail runner. Travel on the road less traveled.

10. Run on softer surfaces (dirt, limestone, and sand) to create natural shock absorbers for the pounding that pavement running can deliver to our bodies.

What is my current runstreaking goal? Aiming for 888 day streak (China lucky number is 8). That will be my lasso or harpoon to try to reel in the 1,000 day runstreak. After that, who knows? We’ll see. Priorities can shift in running and in life. Maybe a large running goal will require a rest day eventually. Or maybe I’ll run every day until I depart from this life. Either way, I’m grateful for the wonderful transformational gifts that running has given to me in strengthening me, enriching my life, and giving me self-confidence to become a stronger runner, coach, and man.And to paraphrase Robert Frost, if I can tell you anything meaningful about a runstreaker’s life with endorphins it RUNS on! and on! and on!