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Today, on December 18, 2014, on the 395th day (!) of a runstreak and the 352nd day of the year, I ran past my Run This Year 2,014 mileage goal for the year! How in the world did this happen? Weeks before December 31? (I really thought this would be a Dec. 31 achievement if it happened, a last minute afterthought.) Nope. Somehow there was enough discipline, energy, momentum (thanks runstreak) and strength in my legs to run a challenging, rigorous running schedule. Still somewhat surprised I was able to do this.

Checking my Garmin running log, with 2,011 miles already banked, I knew I only needed a mere 3 miles to clear 2,014 so I ran 3.8 miles today. In the gentle, soft snow. Snow is no longer theoretical but real! (It hasn’t been snowing in Lincoln much this year. Not since February.) The snow made the run even look special in an idyllic beautiful way. With spikes (cheap Yaktrax knockoffs). I took a couple photos to show where I ran at Wilderness Ridge Golf Course. Near the 2,014 mark, I drew the mileage into the snow for emphasis. The street crossing sign photos show where I reached 2,014. Then, I took a photo to record my victorious smile.





I did it!







Then I took a little video to celebrate. Run This Year movie

Three main running goals this year (they were intersecting and they reinforced each other):
1. Run a 50k: yes in October
2. Runstreak 365 days: yes last month
3. Run This Year, run at least 2,014 miles (the hardest goal of the 3): yes, after failing to reach the goal by hundreds of miles last year. And yes, I double-checked in Garmin Connect and my running mileage is now 2,015 for the year.

Still working on next year’s running resolutions. So far I only have one: run a little bit less. Maybe next year I focus more on the quality of my runs instead of the quantity.