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Life presents each of us with challenges of one sort or another (e.g., for me, aging, losing weight, and running through asthma). I’ve decided I’m not going to let my age, weight, or asthma dictate how far or fast I am going to run.  Asthma has been with me since I was 11 and I’m fortunate that with excellent medical treatment, my asthma is pretty much under control for the most part. In fact, the more, I run, the less asthma symptoms I seem to have.  

We also have to challenge ourselves to improve and to reach peak physical condition and in order to obtain a proper dose of endorphins.  It is our job to accept and crush those challenges as best we can. For example, in July, I ran more than 200 miles (July team challenge pushed me). In August, challenged by Pavement Runner to run more than 200 miles, I ran 208.88 mi, crushing the #August200 challenge. Running mileage to date: 1060 as of Sept. 2. Would still love to reach the #RunThisYear challenge of running 2,013 miles but maybe 1500 is more realistic. I’ve also decided that running 200 miles this month is too much. I need some R&R, some relaxation and recovery time. So this month’s challenge is to outrun 100 miles. With runner’s knee in the not too distant past, I need to have a month for realism that still challenges me. An easier challenge that I crushed last month was planking every day. Walking the plank will continue: it’s a lot of fun and it strengthens my core.

What challenges you? How can you crush those challenges? Dig deep, you will find the strength inside you, more than you may realize.