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Summer Run Challeng

Summer Run Challenge


I was searching for a wild and crazy run challenge for the summer and I think I found it: the Runners’ World Run Streak, starting today and running until July 4. I’m officially going to try to stretch it to at least Labor Day. I’m a little disappointed in my mileage year-to-date (443 miles) and it’s time to extend, press, and stretch my mileage as far as I can in order to surpass my 1000 mile running goal for the year and my 2013 “crazy” running miles goal for the year. I’m not really good at these streaks (I tried to run every day in March but an unexpected marathon in the first week of the month made that if not impossible, at least impractical.) Have you ever run-streaked before? Have you ever run-streaked without realizing it? For example, I’m on day 6 of a run streak and I had no idea. What’s the longest run streak you’ve ever counted? Will you join the run streak with me? It only requires that you try to run at least 1 mile every day between now and July 4. (So your otherwise-rest days turn into maybe 1-2 mile run days.) Let’s run the streak as far as possible! To Labor Day and beyond!