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Lincoln Marathon, mile 25, still smilin' after all those miles :)

Lincoln Marathon, mile 25, still smilin’ after all those miles 🙂


Running-Groove Shark (a/k/a Jeremy Murphy) here, blogging for the first time today. You’re probably wondering-where did this name come from and what is this blog? I’m a middle-aged, turtle-paced serious runner (12X marathoner, many halfs, many shorter races), always trying to find that magical, metaphysical “running groove” level of running where you can just run at a higher level, almost on auto-pilot, subconsciously. Oh, and I’m a lawyer (warning: I have very sharp teeth and you may be cross-examined at any time!) so the shark reflects that;)  Today I ran and am searching for my RUNNING GROOVE. WHERE IS IT? After 2 1/2 weeks of “recovery runs” post-marathon, I thought surely the running groove would be easily accessible. Nope! I struggled with sore knee and calf cramps, shoe came untied (always need to double or triple-tie the New Balance Minimus shoes, otherwise they come untied), couldn’t push the pace like I would like to do. Just ran the Lincoln Marathon on May 5 (see photo of me in the “running groove” during the Lincoln Marathon at mile 25) but was hoping to have my running groove and momentum back by now. But muscle cramps and knee pain interfered. I persevered and finished the run. I want to run fast! (for a change) I want to run long…again! What am I talking about with a running groove? It’s when your run goes so smoothly that you aren’t thinking about the difficulties and challenges that arise. You are in “the zone”. Forgot to check the humidity today, that hurt me a bit. My calves are unwitting but honest humidity sensors:) Are yours? Do you run in “the (peak performance) zone”? How do you know if you are “in the zone”?  You can see it in the effort expended by runners/athletes and in the intensity of the runner’s eyes-it’s the “Eye of the Tiger” look.  Have you ever lost your “running groove”? If so, how did you get your groove back or return to your groovin’ (or groovy?) running state? Please let me know because I’m still looking for mine. I’m thinking a long-slow-distance run this weekend might do the trick.

Closing thoughts [sing to the tune of The Righteous Brothers’ famous song “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling”]: You’ve lost that running groove, you’ve lost that running groove, you’ve lost that running groove, and now it’s…WHERE?!?